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Top 20 High-Converting Shopify Themes for Your Store in 2024

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
high-converting shopify theme

Themes are the bedrock of every Shopify store. A solid theme allows sellers to transmit their brand’s mission, create a long-lasting impression, and most importantly, achieve high conversion rates. That said, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming for novice shop owners. That’s why GemPages has compiled a complete list of our top picks of the best Shopify themes for conversion for your consideration. 

Without further ado, let’s see what they have to offer.

How to Find the Most Fitting Shopify Themes for Your Business

Before grasping the nettle, let’s check all the questions below with us.

  • What field are you in?

Much like brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce websites vary from niche to niche, with each possessing a different feel. If you are in the women’s clothing sector, elegant themes with minimal features can be an ideal choice. On the contrary, a store selling kid’s toys might want to pair up with a lively and colorful theme where the products are neatly organized.

  • What is your desired brand’s identity?

We understand that businesses in the same industry are not a monolith. That’s why each brand’s identity will largely decide the look of one’s store.

For instance, Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop are both in the cosmetics sector, but each store embodies a different vibe. While Colourpop houses an extensive makeup collection with a detailed navigation system, the famous Jenner sister’s brand dons a sleeker look and a minimal interface.

Defining your brand’s image from the get-go is the key to finding the theme that suits you the best.

  • Who is your target audience?

Knowing who you are selling to plays a vital role in building your store. For businesses that want to operate internationally, multiple language options and currency converters are recommended features to look for in a theme.

Look-wise, age and gender of your target audience are factors that contribute to the appearance of your store. Conveniently enough, all the Shopify themes allow you to view their demo stores - a necessary step before making a decision.

  • What is your business size?

The business size gives you a general idea about which kind of theme to go for. Free themes with basic features are good enough for small businesses, whereas high-volume ones require full-fledged components that can be utilized from a paid theme.

hard craft homepage

  • What features are you looking for?

There is not a universal method to operate a business. Products are the foundation of each store that precedes the types of features needed.

For example, if your products are self-explanatory (i.e. clothes and accessories), visual-first themes with minimal copies are perfect to showcase your goods. On the other hand, if you sell a rather unconventional product/product that calls for thorough information before ordering, pick a theme that is content-rich with an intuitive interface.

Features like a countdown timer, customer reviews, FAQs, etc. are also noteworthy.

  • Are you willing to invest in a paid theme?

As mentioned, a paid theme is not a surefire cheat code to grant your business success. Considering your budget before making an upfront investment in a paid theme is a must. Otherwise, a free theme will suffice.

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  • Do you need a lot of customization freedom?

Themes are not the complete version of your store. If so, all the Shopify-based businesses will look the same (yikes!).

Although customization often requires coding knowledge and time, there are third-party apps that can shoulder the work for you, such as GemPages. As your business blossoms, the need to tweak the setting here and there will arise. That is when a more advanced set of themes will come into play.

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20 Shopify Themes that Boost Your Store’s Conversion Rates

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty! Which one of these high-converting Shopify themes below will become your best sidekick? Start exploring with us.

1. Dawn

    Screenshot of the Dawn theme.

    Dawn is made for contemporary stores that prioritize visual components.

    Price: Free.

    The Dawn theme is a no-fuss, simple solution for your eCommerce store. That is why it stands among the most popular Shopify themes. 

    No intricate fonts and flashy images needed, Dawn shines in its foolproof color palette, agile navigation system, and customization option for users. The number of features might seem pale when compared with a paid theme, but this theme has been a no-brainer for amateur startups on Shopify due to its simplicity.

    2. Sense

    Screenshot of the Sense theme.

    Sense helps you elevate your online store with intuitive features and a chic layout.

    Price: Free.

    Another prime contender in the free theme category is Sene - a vivid theme with a distinct look. 

    Sense’s interface is cordial with both sellers and buyers. With a reasonable number of features, business owners will find it effortless to set up and maintain their stores while based on this theme. The simple layout makes Sense compatible with numerous niches, but skincare and cosmetics are highly advised to try this one out over other industries.

    3. Igloo

    Screenshot of the Igloo theme.

    Freely display your products alongside handy features to make your store stand out with the Igloo theme.

    Price: $320.

    Igloo is one of our absolute favorite Shopify themes. The theme is sectioned and presented like a premium outerwear storefront in the mall, where every detail not only serves as an informative component but is also decorative.

    The navigation bar is placed at the bottom and follows customers as they explore the site. This way, the top part is strictly for icons and the brand’s logo. This layout is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

    From then on, elements like quick buy, promo popups, product filtering, etc. will drive sales naturally.

    4. Motion

    Screenshot of the Motion theme.

    Create a long-lasting impression with your customers by customizing the Motion theme to your needs.

    Free: $360.

    Do you have an extensive product collection but require a quick setup? Motion is the answer.

    This theme is the ultimate solution for stores that want to showcase their specialties through striking photographs and videos. Your customers will feel like they are flipping through a fashion magazine, but with top-notch animations. Motion has all the pre-built features to organize a large catalog while still keeping the initial interface as clean and user-friendly as ever. If you have the budget to splurge, this theme is definitely worth a try.

    5. Retina

    Screenshot of the Retina theme.

    Bright and simple are what the Retina theme represents, hence this theme being the match for stores that are recently launched.

    Price: $220.

    Retina is the ideal premium theme with a reasonable price tag for businesses that are looking to upgrade. The four versions, all having a soothing, neutral tone, are supported by powerful features that elevate your store’s performance.

    Users can find all the basics like the back-in-stock alert, promo popups, and slide-out cart - all are carefully designed to increase conversion rates while still keeping the spirit of the theme.

    Pro tip: Popup element is one of the most important topping for your website. It helps promote your offer, latest news and attract visitors to click through

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    6. Split

    Screenshot of the Split theme.

    Rise above the rest of your competitors with this one-of-a-kind interface from Split.

    Price: $280.

    Split lives up to its name by introducing a one-of-a-kind layout where the theme is split into two. As visitors scroll, there is almost always a thin, vertical line dividing the two sections of your store. The information is easier to take in as a result.

    As a whole, the Split theme embraces a minimalist feel where the vertical menu is hidden behind a hamburger menu. The top part is kept empty to eliminate any distractions. Thus, this theme is the best match for stores with a more humble product collection.

    7. Impulse

    Screenshot of the Impulse theme.

    Every detail on the Impulse theme was created to convey your brand’s story precisely.

    Price: $380.

    Impulse deserved a spot on our list because this theme managed to combine the sleekness of a minimalist fashion brand with a high-volume marketplace. The plethora of useful features is neatly placed across the page to assist customers along the way. Quick view, recently viewed, and cross-selling are all elements that promote one’s products to encourage purchases and boost conversion rates. It is not unreasonable to crown Impulse as one of the best Shopify eCommerce themes out there.

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    8. Symmetry

    Screenshot of the Symmetry theme.

    Symmetry enables sellers to create a straightforward store that focuses on the quality of their products above all.

    Price: $360.

    As the name suggested, this theme provides the necessary balance for your business. Each feature is well thought out, from the font pairing to the mix between text and photographs. Being a paid theme, Symmetry is fully customizable. However, the design is immaculate on its own, so you would not need to tweak a ton.

    Features like product reviews, stock counters, and FAQ pages are all effective in helping customers to convert.

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    9. Crave

    Screenshot of the Crave theme.

    Put your products in the spotlight and boost your conversion rates using Crave as your store theme.

    Price: Free.

    Crave is another free theme that is equipped with powerful features that can assist your eCommerce store flawlessly. The splashy layout is nothing short of attention-grabbing, which operates smoothly on both desktop and mobile screens.

    Designed for a quick launch, Crave stands by its code-free setup with all the essential features needed. If you are just starting out, this theme is a great experimental solution. That said, if it works out for you, it can become your official theme without a need to upgrade.

    10. Empire

    Screenshot of the Empire theme.

    Capture your visitors’ attention and guide them through a smooth shopping journey by using the Empire theme.

    Price: $340.

    Empire is the textbook definition of a versatile theme. No matter which niche you are in, this theme’s layout can cater to and support your store perfectly. The layout is cleverly sectioned so you can choose to feature or omit different products based on the current campaign/season. The sticky search bar that follows buyers as they scroll is convenient and keeps them stay on the site longer.

    Highlighted features of Empire include: cross-selling, pre-order, breadcrumbs, countdown timer.

    11. Honey

    Screenshot of the Honey theme.

    Minimal and sleek are what the Honey is all about.

    Price: $390.

    With a hefty price tag, will Honey’s features back it up?

    We would say yes! If you purchase this theme, the need for third-party apps is almost zero.

    Exclusive features such as shoppable images, product customization, bundles & upsells are all built-in, Honey has everything taken care of for you. Your job is to create alluring stores with the three versions of this theme and enjoy the ride.

    11. Minion

    Screenshot of the Minion theme.

    Organize and sell your products smoothly with Minion’s vibrant layout.

    Price: $250.

    The hype around pet products has never died down. That is why opening a pet store on Shopify stands firmly as one of the best eCommerce business ideas.

    There are many things to love about Minion. From the eye-catching free shipping bar to a full-fledged vertical menu that provides intuitive navigation right above the fold, this theme is built for a high-converting pet store.

    By having multiple sections and details, Minion enables users to customize and have flexibility over their own websites. High-volume pet businesses will fit into this theme like a glove.

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    13. Bullet

    Screenshot of the Bullet theme.

    Create striking visuals to capture your visitors’ attention with the assistance of Bullet.

    Price: $320.

    Bullet has already shown itself as a unique and enticing theme from the preview image above.

    Claimed to have an outrageously fast loading time and crystal-clear picture quality, Bullet seems to live up to the higher price tag. Function-wise, this theme is not short of user-first features like quick buy or enhanced search to ensure a frictionless shopping journey. The demo store is excellent at exhibiting what this theme has to offer, so it is best to have a peep.

    Pro tip: Unlocking the potential of the Quick buy/Buy it now feature to win sales with Shopify third-party apps such as GemPages to create a Buy It Now button.

    14. Fetch

    Screenshot of the Fetch theme.

    Fetch is not short of clever and eye-catching elements to generate conversion for you.

    Price: $360.

    Fetch is another theme built for the pet industry on the Shopify theme store.

    The theme is not cluttered with details, but only reserves what is needed. Elements like nutritional information, product videos, press coverage, and trust badges are all the bee’s knees in showcasing this type of product. Among different Shopify themes, Fetch is a good choice to make your pet supply website shine.

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    15. Essentials

    Screenshot of the Essentials theme.

    Explore a bolder look with Essentials’ versatile interface.

    Price: $250.

    You can’t go wrong with this theme even if you try. Essentials is built for businesses that look for a simple but impactful website presence. Whether it is a clothing, electronics, or men’s skincare store, this theme works brilliantly.

    The use of bold text and contrasting colors gives Essentials a modern vibe, while features like slideshow and promo banners instill a long-lasting impression in visitors effectively.

    Read on about slideshow/carousel in Shopify here: [V7] Carousel element

    16. Editions

    Screenshot of the Editions theme.

    Showcase your products’ best angles with the visual-first layout from Editions.

    Price: $250.

    Editions is as snazzy and modern as it can be - the picture-perfect theme for businesses that want to look simple but timeless.

    If your motto is “less is more”, this theme has got you covered. The use of thin fonts and basic navigation gives space for your products to shine independently. That said, CTA buttons, infinite scroll, and other conversion-focused features still make this theme one of the best to drive sales to your business.

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    17. Prestige

    Screenshot of the Prestige theme.

    Drive conversion to your fashion store through the help of useful features on the Prestige theme.

    Price: $380.

    Seeking a content-rich theme with equally stunning visuals? Prestige will be your new best friend.

    This theme is built for storytelling, with no less high-converting elements like a countdown timer, stock counter, promo popups, etc. By being well-rounded and intuitive, Prestige is trusted by hundreds of satisfied sellers worldwide as one of the best Shopify themes.

    Explore the countdown timer feature in GemPages editor: Countdown to Success in 3,2,1: How to Add Countdown Timer to Shopify

    18. Warehouse

    Screenshot of the Warehouse theme.

    The Warehouse theme is perfect for stores with an intensive product collection.

    Price: $320.

    Sporting a similar look to the most well-known eCommerce marketplace, every detail of the Warehouse is intuitive and purposeful.

    Designed for dropshippers with a large catalog, this theme is not one bit crowded. Products are placed into different categories, with the help of a drop-down menu and clever filtering to keep them organized. For bigger enterprises, Warehouse is an ideal pick.

    Learn more about dropshipping with GemPages: Start a dropshipping store on Shopify in minutes

    19. Venue

    Screenshot of the Venue theme.

    Make a statement through the hero image feature in the Venue theme.

    Price: $360.

    Venue is up there in price as a Shopify theme, but whatever you search for, this theme delivers.

    From the 98% positive reviews, every version of Venue is clean, visually impressive, and filled with useful features. Advertised as a solution for physical stores, this theme offers in-store pickups and a store locator section. An elemental appearance does not mean this theme is only for low-volume businesses. Everything can be tucked away neatly behind a simple but efficient navigation menu.

    20. Kingdom

    Screenshot of the Kingdom theme.

    Make your website stand out with the unique layout from the Kingdom theme.

    Price: $260.

    While still a paid theme, Kingdom’s price tag is a bargain for what you receive from this theme.

    Appearance-wise, the theme does not abide by the usual horizontal navigation bar. By shifting the menu to the left of the screen, all the categories are fully displayed across all devices. This different layout will create an impression on first-time visitors as well.

    Regarding the features, apart from the usual essentials, the breadcrumbs element is incredibly helpful in providing shoppers with an intuitive shopping journey.

    Pro tip: Did you know you can easily add breadcrumbs to your website with GemPages? Try it on to see your store changing.

    To Wrap Up

    Choosing which Shopify theme to go with is one of the first steps to take while setting up your store. Instead of scouring among different options, this list will help you narrow it down to the most suitable theme that makes your store shine.

    Need a helping hand in putting up a striking landing page for your newfound theme? Let GemPages accompany you with our new and improved set of features. 

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    FAQ about Best Shopify Themes for Conversion

    What are the best themes for conversion on Shopify?
    Each Shopify theme has its perks to drive conversion. Here are the top picks from GemPages:
    1. Dawn
    2. Sense
    3. Igloo
    4. Motion
    5. Retina
    6. Split
    7. Impulse
    8. Symmetry
    9. Crave
    10. Empire
    11. Honey
    12. Minion
    13. Bullet
    14. Fetch
    15. Essentials
    16. Editions
    17. Prestige
    18. Warehouse
    19. Venue
    20. Kingdom
    Read the in depth review of each theme here: 20 Shopify Themes that Boost Your Store’s Conversion Rates.
    Can you customize Shopify themes?
    Yes. All Shopify themes are fully customizable. Simply go to your Shopify admin and access the theme editor to edit, remove, add, and rearrange content as you wish.
    Should you pay for Shopify themes?
    While paid themes typically include more advanced features and customization options, you can fully make do with a free theme depending on your needs.

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